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VISA Balance Trasnfer Promotion August and September

Balance your Finances with Velocity Community

Credit card balances creeping up? Feeling the pinch of high interest rates on multiple credit cards? Take a deep breath. Now transfer those expensive credit card balances to your Velocity Community VISA Credit Card by September 30, 2017. Get 4.99% APR¹ for at least 18 months. 

  • No balance transfer fees, so you save a bundle right up front 
  • Rates as low as 4.99% APR, so you save on interest every month 
  • Login in to Online Banking and make your transfer yourself on the VISA Credit Card tab!
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Sprint Credit Union Member Cash Rewards

Sprint - One of the BENefits of membership

Sprint’s best Credit Union Member Cash Rewards offer EVER is here! Get $100 cash reward with EVERY NEW LINE when you switch to Sprint, and $50 for each existing line. Plus, get a $50 cash loyalty reward every year for every line.

1) Transferred balances will have a promotional rate as low as 4.99% APR for at least 18 months (18 billing cycles). At the end of the promotional rate period, the account will convert to the current variable rate of Prime plus margin as determined by credit worthiness. Rates are currently as low as 10.50% APR for Platinum or 11.50% APR for Platinum Rewards. Annual Percentage Rate will not exceed 18% APR. Existing Velocity Community Credit Union VISA Credit Card balances are not transferable. Promotional period begins 8/1/17 and ends 9/30/17.