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Trim Your Holiday Spending in 2021


November 24, 2021

Trim your holiday spending this 2021 and grow your piggy bank

Save that New Year’s resolution for something besides paying down holiday debt. With a bit of planning, saving, and a little help from the Internet, you can keep your holiday spending in check.

Plan ahead

Create a holiday spending plan using an online budgeting tool or homemade spreadsheet. First, make a list of recipients and establish a budget for each individual. Include gifts for family, friends, and teachers, as well as travel expenses and holiday parties. Remember to add items such as wrapping paper, postage, holiday decorations, and clothing. As you spend money, make sure to write down what you actually spend your money on so you can update your budget for next year.

Suggest a gift exchange

Gift exchange games can be an interactive and creative way to entertain guests and to shrink the number of presents each person must purchase.

Forgo extended warranties

Most financial experts recommend skipping extended warranties. Shoppers rarely redeem them and, if they do, the average repair cost isn’t much more than the warranty cost.

Use coupon codes

Find thousands of coupon codes on the Internet by searching sites like Tada,,, Swagbucks, and many more.

Free Shipping Day

Visit to find out which eStores are participating and search coupon codes for additional savings.

Look for Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals

Many of these sales are available online for the same price as in stores. For instance, Cyber Monday deals often start well in advance of that day, so shop ahead.

Purchase reduced price gift cards

Sites like and offer discounted gift cards for many major retailers.

Use daily deal sites

Deal sites or offer deeply discounted offers on things like restaurants, jewelry, spas, hotels, golf courses, gym memberships, home supplies, and much more. Purchase a gift item or give an activity like a kayak rental or a weekend getaway.

Use mobile shopping apps

Find the lowest prices on holiday items with apps like Shopsavvy and RedLaser. Both are available for iPhone or Android users. Simply scan the bar code or type in a product name, and the app scans for the lowest prices online or at a nearby store. CouponSherpa is a mobile coupon app featuring hundreds of digital coupons.

Open a Holiday Savings account

Avoid credit card debt by saving now so you can pay cash for these holiday items. Check out Velocity Community Credit Union to set up a savings account for future holiday needs.