COVID-19 Updates

Updated 5/19/2021

As the Pandemic evolves, we are continuing to focus on the health, safety, and well-being of our members, employees, and community. Below you'll find information about all the ways we are here to help. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and provide updates as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at (561) 775-2525 or email us.  

Branch Lobby 

In an effort to keep us all safe, we will be adhering to the following social distancing guidelines.

  • Face masks are optional to enter the credit union. Please note that members will be required to lower masks to properly verify their identity. 
  • Questions regarding a loan during this time please call us at 561-775-2525 or apply online at

Relief Options

As a financial co-operative, we understand more than most exactly what it means to help each other. So in times like this, we lend more than a hand. Below you will find several Pandemic Relief Options. 

VISA Credit Cards

If you are having difficulty making payments, please reach out to our Card Services Department to discuss your options.

Consumer Loan Payment Waiver

If you are struggling to make Velocity Community CU loan payments, please let us know. For qualifying members, we are making waivers on payments in order to help during these extraordinary times. The Consumer Loan Payment Waiver allows you to waive up to three months worth of payments on most consumer loans with no fees


If you wish to waive payments, please submit the following form and provide information on your need. Then, you can focus on what is important during this challenging time.


Submit Form

Mortgage Deferment

If you are a homeowner with a mortgage through Velocity Community CU and have been financially impacted by COVID-19, we are here to help! In an effort to support you during this challenging time, we are offering mortgage loan deferrals for those who qualify. Please note, there are no costs or fees associated with the deferment. 


If you wish to defer your mortgage, please submit the following form and provide information on your need. 


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Pandemic Relief Loan 

Are you dealing with financial hardships, such as income disruption or unexpected expenses related to COVID-19? Our Pandemic Relief Loan is here to help you through this challenging time. 

We are offering up to $7,500 at a fixed rate of 5.99% APR* for up to 36 months. Plus, there are no payments for the first 60 days so you have more time to get back on your feet. 


Apply Now!

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Example payment: $7,500 for 36 months at 5.99% APR will have a monthly payment of $228.98. 

Be Aware of Scams!

Stimulus Package Scams

Scammers are using the stimulus package as a cover to commit fraud. They pose as the IRS and claim to need identity verification or offer additional money if you pay a fee, then they steal your information.

The scammers have a new trick in their books related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It's a text scam created by these thieves that tricks people into disclosing bank account information under the guise of receiving the $1,200 Economic Impact Payment. For more information, click here. 

Head to the IRS website for updates on how to avoid identity theft.  

Holiday Scams

As we get ready for the holiday season, it can be easy to let your guard down. Make sure you are aware of the latest fraud and scams targeting shoppers during this holiday season. 

  • E-skimming: Scammers are using weak links on shopping sites by redirecting you to a malicious domain to capture your checkout page information.
  • Social media scams: Fraudsters set up fake online stores and advertise on social media. When you add your payment, they take your money but never see the goods.
  • Porch Pirates: Criminals are stealing packages from the doorsteps of unsuspecting homes.
  • Buy Online / Curbside Pick-up: Fraudsters will intercept your package delivery so you never see the items you ordered.
  • Shipment update scams: You are sent a fake email regarding your delivery failure or the request for updated shipping information. The email looks real but is actually connected to malware.
  • Donation and fake charities: The scammer replicates a charity website and convinces you to donate money, which the criminal takes.

Remember to stay alert, don't click on links from sources you don't know, watch for emails claiming to be experts, and do your homework when it comes to requests for donations. For more details on different scams and tips to prevent being scammed, head to the Federal Trade Commission website

Thank you for your continued membership as we all work through this challenging time.