Need some more jingle in your pocket to keep up with the holiday expenses? Take advantage of our Skip-A-Pay1 program! For just $30 per loan, Skip-A-Pay allows you to skip your loan payment during any one month of your choosing - November, December or January.

Worried about multiple loans? We've got you covered! You can use Skip-A-Pay for one month on as many consumer loans as you want.

To take part in Skip-A-Pay, just fill out the Skip-A-Pay Coupon and turn it in to your nearest branch. It's that easy! With Skip-A-Pay, you can make the season merrier with extra cash.

  • Special Gifts
  • Decking the Halls
  • Holiday Vacations
  • & More!

Act now! Offer ends January 31, 2020.

Print Your Coupon!

1) All requests to skip a payment must be approved by the loan department. The Skip-A-Payment Fee is $30 per loan. Members who utilize Skip-A-Pay are solely responsible for stopping, and then restarting, any recurring payments they may have initiated through VCCU or elsewhere. By signing this form you agree to amend the terms of your original agreement and to repay the entire unpaid balance and accrued interest. If you have a co-borrower, they must sign. Personal, Signature, and Vehicle Loans are eligible for this offer. Mortgages, Credit Cards, Home Equity Loans, and Student Loans are not eligible. All Credit Union accounts must be in good standing and you must not have utilized the Skip-A-Payment option in the past 9 months. IMPORTANT: Members that have purchased GAP coverage will only be covered for their first skipped payment in the event of a claim deficiency. Subsequent skipped payments will not be covered. Contact the Credit Union for complete details.