VISA Credit Cards

Stop Chasing Rates and Get Credit Your Way

Whether you prefer cash back and other rewards or a low rate, Velocity Community Credit Union has the card for you. Our VISA Credit Cards Offer:

  • Competitive Introductory Rate of 0%1 APR for 6 months.
    After that, your rate will adjust to the standard variable rate which is currently 9.50% to 17.50% APR.
  • Rate cap of 18% APR2
  • Travel & Purchase Perks3
  • The latest in secure contactless chip technology
  • No annual fee, no cash advance fee, no balance transfer fee, no application fee, no inactivity fee, nor over-limit fee.
  • Easy management of your card in Online Banking.

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Platinum Rewards VISA Credit Cards

Combine the best of both worlds with a Platinum Rewards VISA credit card from Velocity Community Credit Union. Low rates, awesome rewards, plus the ability to combine points within your household means your points add up fast!

Our Platinum Rewards credit card earns you:

  • 3 reward points per dollar spent on gas purchases
  • 2 reward points per dollar spent on grocery store purchases
  • 1 reward point per dollar spent on everything else!

Travel, cash, gift cards, and merchandise – spend your points your way.

How can we make this even better? Open a new Visa Platinum Rewards credit card with us and get 5,000 bonus points! Just make 10 transactions within 90 days of opening the account.

Plus, our Platinum Rewards VISAs now come with travel & purchase perks!3 Just use your Platinum Rewards card for all your travel and merchandise purchases to receive these added protections and benefits:

  • Travel perks:
    • No foreign fees
    • Lost luggage insurance
    • Trip cancellation, delay, and interruption protection
  • Purchase perks:
    • Buyer protection
    • Extended warranty

Platinum VISA Credit Cards

With a Platinum credit card from Velocity Community Credit Union, you’ll enjoy the lowest rates we have available in our credit card program. If you want the lowest rate possible and don’t care about rewards, this card is for you!

Build your credit with a Secured Card

Velocity Community’s Secured VISA is a credit builder card designed to help those just starting out as well as those looking to rebuild their credit. You can choose either a Platinum or Rewards credit card at the best rate available.

To secure the card, a special account is opened to hold your deposit. The deposit money is on hold as security for the credit balance on the card. For example, if you want a credit limit of $1000, then you would deposit $1000 to the new account. The deposited money is held in case of a default (more than one missed payment). We do not pay for purchases from those funds, nor will we make payments from them.

Here are some of the features:

  • Deposit as much or as little4 as you like. Your credit limit is equal to the amount of your deposit.
  • The money continues to earn dividends just as if it were being held in your savings account.
  • Receive a monthly bill and make payments as you would any other credit card.
  • Paying on time every month will help build good credit.
  • With good payment history, you may request that we modify your account to a non-secured card. Once approved, we will return your deposit to you.

You can manage your account online through Online Banking by enrolling your card on the credit card page.

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Access Your Credit Card Information Online

Your credit card information is available online through Online Banking. Sign in, add your card, and have easy access to all your account information in one place

  • View your statement
  • Pay your bill
  • Get account history
  • Set up transaction alerts
  • View Rewards

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Email Fraud

Velocity Community Credit Union and Visa will not send emails requesting your personal account information. If you receive an email that appears to be from Velocity Community Credit Union or Visa requesting your account information, you should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain your personal account data for illegal purposes and should not follow the instructions in the email.

If you respond to such an email and provide any confidential account information, please notify us immediately of the scheme at You should also change your account’s PIN and take any additional action recommended by Velocity Community CU to protect your account.

Credit Card Disclosure

Click here to view a copy of our Credit Card Disclosure (also known as a Schumer Box) for more detailed rate and disclosure information.

1) New purchases and transferred balances will have an introductory rate of 0% APR for 6 months (6 billing cycles).  At the end of the introductory rate period, the account will convert to the standard variable rate of Prime plus margin as determined by creditworthiness. As of January 11, 2022, rates are currently 9.50% to 16.50% APR for Platinum or 10.50% to 17.50% APR for Platinum Rewards. Annual Percentage Rate will not exceed 18% APR. Existing Velocity Community Credit Union VISA Credit Card balances are not transferable.

2) APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Variable-rate is based on the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal, currently 3.25% APR plus margin, as of January 11, 2022. Contact Velocity Community Credit Union for complete details. Annual Percentage Rate will not exceed 18.00% APR. Rates are quoted as ranges and your rate will be determined by your creditworthiness.

3) Click here for details.

4) As of April 1, 2021, the minimum deposit required is $500 for youth accounts and $1,000 for adults.