We Make It Easy!

Here at Velocity Community Credit Union, we understand how important it is to have access to your money. We are here to help!

VISA Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of a FREE VISA debit card with a checking account at Velocity Community Credit Union. Our debit cards come complete with the latest in secure, contactless chip technology. Pay for your purchases without cash, without checks, and without credit cards. It’s so convenient.

As an added bonus, your VISA debit card also earns cash back! Earn 10 cents cashback per transaction when you use your debit card or your mobile wallet connected to your debit card to make 20 or more transactions each month and are enrolled in eStatements!1 The cashback is deposited into your checking account on the first day of the following month.

Check your cashback status daily with the Cash Back Rewards widget in online & mobile banking!

ATM Card

A Velocity Community Credit Union ATM card can be used at our Smart ATM machines to handle most basic transactions. It can also be used to access cash at other ATMs that display the CU24, STAR, MAC, or Presto logo (please note that fees may apply).

Overdraft rules for debit cards

An overdraft occurs when you make a purchase or ATM transaction without enough money in your account to pay for it. At Velocity Community Credit Union, we offer two types of Overdraft Coverage. For more information and our policies, click here.

To opt-in, call (561) 775-2525 or (800) 872-4518.

Shared Branching

Whether you’re away on business or pleasure, your finances don’t have to be put on hold thanks to shared branching. Shared branching1 is a network of credit unions that actually “share” their branches with one another. Through the CO-OP Shared Branch network, if you travel, change jobs, or move away you still can find a credit union branch ready to meet your needs.

Just find any credit union that displays the CO-OP Shared Branch logo. For the most current listing of shared facilities, log on to www.co-opsharedbranch.org or call (888) 748-3266 to find a branch near you.

  1. Velocity Community Credit Union policies apply. Limitations may apply, please call for details.

Telephone Banking

It may be a little “old-school,” but sometimes the simple solution is the easy one. Our automated Telephone Banking system provides 24-hour access to your Velocity Community Credit Union accounts with a user-friendly menu that walks you through your selections step-by-step.

Local (561) 775-0688 Toll-Free (888) 244-0688

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the safe and convenient way to have your money deposited to your checking or savings account. You’ll have faster access to your money without the need to drive to the Credit Union.

Wire Transfers

Incoming Wire Transfers

In order to perform a wire transfer, you will need a routing number and an account number. Velocity Community’s routing number is 267083271. Account numbers are unique to each member and can be located on your member card or on your personal checks. If you need further assistance, please call us at (561) 775-2525.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

If you are sending money by wire transfer to another financial institution, you can click here to print an Outgoing Wire Form and fax it to us at (561) 624-2159 or stop by one of our branches to speak with a Member Services Representative. The form must be completed in full for us to process the transfer. There is a fee for outgoing wire transfers. Click here to see our current fees.


1) There is no charge for cash transactions made at point-of-sale terminals or Velocity-owned ATMs. Fees may apply for transactions made at machines we do not own. Must make 20 transactions or more with your debit card or mobile wallet connected to your checking account and be enrolled in eStatements by the 25th of the month to qualify for Cash Back. Cash Back of $0.10 per transaction will be automatically deposited into the checking account on the 1st of the following month. The checking account must be open on the day that the cashback is paid or else the cashback will be forfeited. Transactions made with merchant cards connected to Velocity debit cards may not qualify for Cash Back.